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CCL Computers

Poor quality PC's. Returns depatment are rude and condescending. Sales team are great.

Below is a review of a Gaming PC recently purchased from CCL. I doubt it will make it on their site so I thought a copy published here might help. Plus I've corrected the typos.

The company I work for in Bradford holds an account at CCL and spends a lot on peripherals but we don't buy PC's; from my recent experience I'm glad we don't.

Their support department have accused me (and other ICT professionals) of all sorts during the 10 years+ I've shopped there in effort to wriggle out of warranties. Thankfully I am well armed technically and fully exercise my consumer rights when I go in to do battle with CCL returns.

I have no issue with the sales side of the shop in fact I think it's well run. The team are always helpful and if you call and collect you can be in and out in minutes. The phone service can be hit and miss.

Anyway, this is the review. I’m pretty sure had I not noticed the faults the machine would have been on its knees in summer as clearly CCL have some quality assurance problems…

A family member purchased this PC on my recommendation. Luckily it was brought to me for the OS install so I took the opportunity to pop the case open to check everything was as it should be. For a £400+ PC base I was very disappointed to find a number of issues with its construction and function:

1) Graphics card power cables run between the CPU heat sink and the memory modules hindering air leaving the cooler.

2) Graphics card off centre in slot impeding access to HDMI connector.

3) SATA cable to the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) had a 90 degree connector which pressed against the side panel of the case putting strain on the HDD PCB/connector.

4) SATA cable run under the HDD pressed between its PCB and the case.

5) HDD S.M.A.R.T. data showed unit had never been powered up – un-tested PC ?

6) Front case fan not working - three pin fan connector wrongly connected to the four pin header on the motherboard.

7) Motherboard power connector not pushed all the way home and security clip not latched.

I decided against heading back to the shop with the unit only to queue up and be condescended to by CCL support staff. I've worked for one of the largest ICT departments in Bradford for over 10 years so my experience allowed me to put all of the above right. I then configure the BIOS and got Window7 on without issue. Motherboard driver installation software was very slow and the set-up of the NIC driver crashed. I manually ran it from the DVD in the end.

Don’t see the point in the mandatory wireless adaptor as most gamers are online these days and wouldn’t want suffer the latency inherent to wireless network communications.

Windows7 runs really well, giving good results from ‘FurMark’ and ‘HL2 Lost Coast’ video tests with FPS rates averaging 20+ & 220fps at 1920x1080p with everything turned up, respectively. The 1TByte HDD is quick and well up to the task of loading in big textures and maps. ‘HD Tune’ indicated average transfer rates ~158Mbytes/sec in ACHI mode during benchmarks (~145Mbytes/sec in IDE mode in case you are interested).

I know the above tests don’t fully analyse every aspect of performance but they are standard tests I run on most equipment I can get my hands on and overall I’d be happy to recommend this rig again for most gaming applications, though I might be inclined build it myself though given the recent demonstration of CCL’s PC construction quality.

Make sure you ask for your copy of FarCry3 that comes with the CCL Value Choice 7770 graphics card within the system.

Pictures here:

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19 April 2013

Reply from CCL Computers Ltd

Hi Richard, we would just like to thank you for your review – we always appreciate feedback!

I’m sorry you were disappointed by your recent shopping experience with us. If you would like to suggest any improvements to our service please email them to us at

If you would like to discuss your recent issues any further please email our MD at the following email address, he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again,
CCL Computers.

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