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City Link

Fucking terrible(THEY STEAL YOUR SHIT)

Are you serious? City-Link has to be THE most horrible, terrible company ever. First they lie to me about when the supposed Mail man arrives. Secondly they say "Oh sorry I'll do that for Monday" and guess what? Nothing came on Monday, it hadn't even been shipped. "Oh sorry it couldn't be put through on Monday, let me do that on the Tuesday that it expires and lie about it being lost so that we can feed ourselves because we're clearly not getting enough money in this god-awful place" Honestly, I call today and I find out that it's been "lost". Really? Sounds to me like one of the lazy ass workers decided he wanted the parts to my PC. Oh, unless they all work together and have a massive room of all the shit they've stolen off of all of their customers. Who knows.
Anyway, you can be assured that I will never be using this company ever again, I'll actually pay up to £40 higher just to get off from using what they call a company.

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