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Horrendous from beginning to...? (it's not the end yet)

The several faxes/ e-mails I've sent to Expedia since yesterday:

Yesterday I tried to book a trip Chicago with my Visa DEBIT card. In Canada, it is a debit bank card that allows us to make online purchases. At the end of my booking, I was informed that the order would not be processed and I assumed it was because it was a debit Visa, not a credit card Visa. An hour later, I noticed on my online banking that Expedia had withdrawn $919.40 from my BANK ACCOUNT.
I was on the phone last night several times and spoke to several people. I was on hold for a total of 78 minutes. NO ONE would listen to me and kept insisting it was just a credit card authorization. It was NOT. Your company physically removed that money from my bank account which I absolutely did not authorize you to do.
Your customer service reps are rude, spoke over me and yes, I was angry, however, putting me on hold and not coming back is unacceptable. If one of them would have just listened to what I said, I may have been more successful in explaining my issue.
The "authorization" does not need to be "dropped", I require a REFUND back into my bank account of the money, and I want that money returned immediately.
This is the worst experience I have ever had booking a trip.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I have no trip and they have $919.40 of my money!

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