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Really bad experience.

I booked an apartment with this company and thought I had a reservation. A pending charge for the full amount of the rental appeared on my credit card. They charge the full amount up front (my reservation was 4 months away). This was not a problem for me but some may not like that. My problem was after booking what I thought was a reservation they sprung a verification process on me. It required linking my Lindedin account to there system, providing quite a bit of personal information and a verification process with my credit card. The verification process cause a problem becasue they charge a small amount to your credit card (under a dollar) and want you to enter that amount into their system. The problem was my bank posted this small charge as a one dollar pending charge. Even calling my bank (a major US bank) they could not tell me the exact amount of the pending charge. So a count down began on Airbnb website threatening to cancel my reservation (which was pending) unless I entered the number which I did not have. I called them and spend an entire day trying to find solution. Finally, they said they would send it "upstairs" (but "upstairs was very busy". I had my bank call them to determine the cancellation process. They agreed that as long as it was pending I could cancel without an issue. I gave them 3 more hours to solve my problem and then told them to cancel. Of course the cancelation was sent "upstairs" to the busy people. I did get canceled , ut I actually think I got cancelled becasue the clock ran out. At any rate I do not have my rental and I have to look elsewhere.
The were very nice in customer service (the phone number is buried on their web site) but clearly no one could solve my issue which according to them is fairly common. As a results of this mess, I wasted a full day, did not get the needed reservation and turned down offers for other sites since I thought I had a reservation with this site. If you are foolish enought to deal with this company I highly recommend you do the verification process before you attempt to book a reservation. This way you will not be in limbo and be free to go elsewhere.
But I would recommend other services such as VRBO and just avoid the hassle with these people. Just not worth it. They are getting one star becasue I can't go lower.

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