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Clear, easy and straight forward, what every app should be

I love to app it's intuitive, clear and simple. Someone has designed it well! It takes no time at all to make an app look good, they have succeeded in this. It takes allot of time to build the code which they have also done well. The functions are wide ranging and cover allot of bases. The app does many things well but what it is lacking is scheduling and life actions. We live in a age where time is everything, we work all hours of the day, shift patterns and adhoc life styles. What this app needs is to work with that. the alarms need to have Mon to Fri, repeat every so many days functions that disable/delete or edit the alarms. Thry need to drill further into each action and say what else would be actually helpful. If it did that then 5stars it just feels like it's coming out of the gimmicky phase

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