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Only ever been good

I have used Amazon many times in the past and so far have never had a bad thing to say about them.

The one time I did have a problem with a purchase, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of contacting them. After browsing through and entering my details onto a web page, they called me.

Always a pleasant site to purchase from and usually the cheapest!


Worried for no reason

I was looking for a Kinect Wall Mount and was really dissapointed to find that everywhere had sold out. I read somwhere that the distributor underestimated sales or something so there was very little supply!

Then I found GamesBasement. I was a little shocked to find that they still had stock when nobody else did and was equally shocked at the fact that the price was the cheapest I had seen anywhere. So, I placed my order.

Then I started worrying - why did they still have stock when nobody else did, especially with such a bargain price. I started looking at reviews and understood the problem - I had been ripped off like everybody else. So, I called them up. A message stating that there were problems with the phones confirmed my worries. A call an hour later and a different message stated that the office was closed between 14:30 and 15:30 (or sometime around then for an hour - lunch I guess!). A call at 16:00 and about 5 minutes on hold, I managed to get through. A pleasant guy on the phone checked my order and put me on hold. He then told me that he had spoken to the Warehouse who had dispatched my order.

From then until now, I was worried that I had been ripped off. Reading more and more reviews increased that worry.

This morning I was extremely shocked to find that my order had arrived. I still didn't believe it expecting it to be a fake or something else wrong with it. No, my order was perfect.

Normally I wouldn't review something, but after reading so many bad reviews, I though it only fair to share my experience.

I don't doubt that a lot of people have had problems and it will mainly be the people who have a bad problem will be the first to complain while the good experiences get left unheard.

Despite my constant worries - which was no fault of the company, only the negative reviews, my order went perfectly.

I know that a lot of people will assume that I work for the company or am affiliated - to those, there is nothing I can say that will change you mind or convince you that I have nothing to do with GamesBasement other than being a customer for a single purchase.

I am in no way affiliated!!!

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