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We took the veal offer, bought a small amount of steak and a joint of veal as well. We froze burgers, meat balls, mince and the osso bucco.

We also bought a small amount of pork as a taste test. My husband, who is very fussy about buying pork said the meat had a real pork taste. It wasn't bland, didn't contain water and the pigs must have been bred properly for flavour.

We were having floors laid, including in the kitchen, and couldn't use a hob or the oven, so couldn't cook all the meat straight away. We grilled the pork, veal and beef steaks. The taste was perfect within the sell-by date: the meat is tender, properly aged, looks good with an excellent flavour.

It was great to have the meat delivered chilled. We can't often get to butcher in Green Street Bath who sells good meat so it took the hassle away.
Will do order again when we have cooked the rest of our current delivery.

10 April 2013

Reply from Westing Gourmet

Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for your kind words, I'm happy to read that your Husband enjoyed the Pork so much and that you've both enjoyed the other meat that you've tried. I hope that your Kitchen floor is laid soon so that you can enjoy the rest of your order. We're looking forward to your next order and hope that you enjoy it just as much.

All the best,

Westin Gourmet

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