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To Costly To Send To Inverness (Mainland UK)

Absolute joke of a company...Ordered £70 worth of food for my boy cat who is on a special prescription diet. Within an hour money was refunded though it took nearly three days for the money to actually credit back to my account. Having phoned for an explanation I spoke to two very rude staff members who stated that PDOL no longer deliver to Inverness Scotland which is most certainly mainland UK as it was too expensive though they always did up until recently so I find it difficult to believe they've only just noticed the higher costs to themselves seen as they have been trading for years. Having found the same product on eBay I ordered from PDOL2011 but did not realise they are the same company and same thing happened only it took them four days to issue a refund through paypal which is now being held (£70) and won't be available to me until goodness knows when. Worst and most rude company I have ever dealt with. I strongly suggest you try as they provided me with a first class extremely quick service. Shame on you PDOL, don't lie you don't give a damn about animals all you care about is profit! Just noticed a review from a customer in Denmark, you can send to Denmark but you can't send within your own country, bunch of idiots!


Ease With Petfleas...

Ordered Moderate Calorie Urinary Tract Wet 48 pouch and order was delivered extremely quickly within two days...Amazing. Free delivery and if buying in bulk even cheaper. A much better and far more professional company than Pet Drugs Online who refused to deliver the same product to a city in Scotland as we were not considered to be part of mainland UK, if PDOL can't read a map properly I certainly would not trust them with anything related to my pets! Will be recommending this company to everyone as they have provided a fantastic service and I will most certainly be ordering from them again very soon. Thank you you have made my boy very happy and healthy with his prescription diet. Merry Christmas to all the staff and a very Happy New Year :-D x

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Animed Direct

Best Prices Quickest Delivery

Ordered Effipro flea and tick treatment for cats four pack. Cheapest price I could find lots cheaper than any other site and I checked loads. Received two days after ordering...Fantastic. Highly recommend I will be back :-D


Fashion World If The World Was Like Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome...Under Review...WTF Does That Mean Fashion World?1?

Have had a credit account for two months and owe only £60. Made first payment which was double the asked for minimum amount. Tried to place an order which was cancelled then tried again thinking it was just a glitch and again order cancelled. Phoned a 10p per minute line only to be told my account is under review...The lady explained that the company were looking in to my purchases and payment history and that I should attempt to place an order after my next statement which isn't for another three weeks! Customer service agent then advised that I should pay for my order cash to which I replied "that kind of defeats the purpose of having a credit account doesn't it". This does not amuse me as I am trying to rebuild a dodgy teenage period of bad credit decisions. What an odd company I would not suggest anybody no matter how utterly desperate you truly are and believe me I too was desperate but believe me I'm not that desperate to be mucked about by a company who feed of the poorer in our society to line there own already fat pockets. I will happily go back to purchasing everything cash from the likes of eB*y, Am**on and Pl**.com where at least you don't have to put up with utter nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!


The First Time Is The Best Time

Only company I could find to return six sets of venetian blinds weighing in at 16.5KG. Parcel picked up Monday received by recipients on Wednesday. Online tracking very useful. Would recommend :-)


A Pipette A month Keeps The Flees Awaay

Received quickly and well packaged. Great price even though your vet rips you off in prescription charges to actually order online..Recommend :-)

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