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Used for years will use for years to come

Excellent service excellent products that more importantly do work I know becuase if i run out of Q10 i hit the wall within 2 days Cannot belive people are complaining about waiting more than 10 days no body has any patience anymore The company has been forced to move its dispatching operation due to changes in the channel islands tax laws it is not their fault at least they are still trading and didn't give up

Westin Gourmet

(: Still No Maple Cured Bacon

Several years ago Sainsbury's used to sell Maple cured bacon which I loved, best bacon I have ever tasted But then they stopped selling it and I have been longing for it ever since so can you imagine my delight in getting an offer for 1Kg of Maple Cured Bacon for £5 instead of £17.99. Duly ordered it and a first time buyers pack and eagerly awaited delivery can you imagine therefore my utter disappointment on opening my parcel to find 1Kg of Onion and Black Pepper flavoured bacon even though Maple had been ticked off on the delivery note and allegedly been checked of by someone else.

Phoned up to tell them about this and sending my Maple bacon out was not even offered to me I was just given a refund and an apology with a promise of how this happened would be investigated and he hoped i would still enjoy the onion and black pepper bacon and that i would come back for more unlikely since I don't like onions Very disappointed.

As for the rest of it the steaks look pretty fatty and the Chicken wasn't even British it was French thought this was supposed to be locally sourced meat supporting British Farmers mind you should have know better when they started advertising Argentinian Rib Eye Steaks. The rest we will have to see

But on balance I don't think we will be back we will stick with our local farm shops and Butcher where we can see what we are buying

11 April 2013

Reply from Westing Gourmet

Hi Keith,

Thanks for your feedback,I can see that you've spoken to my colleague re the error with the Bacon and that no all of our meat being sourced from the UK.I hope that you managed to sort everything out with them. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Westin Gourmet

Waltons Garden Buildings

Avoid rubbish product and terrible customer service

purchased a 10 x 6 Waltons Green Extra Tall Polycarbonate Greenhouse for £350 biggest waste of money I have ever spent instructions are totally rubbish had to keep taking apart to add bits in, it didn't make clear needed adding first, whole thing is very flimsy the polycarbonate is only held in by thin channels and is very hard to get in but there is nothing to hold it in place very well unlike traditional glazing clips first wind just blew the whole thing apart. One glazing panel is still missing. Asked for a full refund and was told as it was out of the 7 days I would have to pay £35 for it to be collected and any damage would come off the refund so i have been left no choice but to except replacement parts for a greenhouse that is of no use to me and I do not want as I have replaced it with a second hand glass one for £50 which took me less than a day to build and glaze and it is rock solid.

Unless you live somewhere with zero wind Avoid

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I am not a habitual complainer just had to very experiences sorry