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Car Audio Centre

Probably OK for mail order though

I took my car in for repair of a non functioning speakers in Birmingham originally installed 3 years previously. The charged me for the repair saying that there was degraded wiring and they had fixed the fault by installing a small patch length of cable between dashboard and speaker. After one week the fault returned intermittently then constantly after 2 weeks. They booked me in for a repair, made me wait for 2 hours and then said that they were unable to do it because they were working on another customer's car which they'd overbooked on top of my appointment that morning. I complained to them. Took the car home in anger and opened up all the panelling and dashboard myself as per instructions on youtube. I checked the entire speaker wiring from the head unit harness to to the speakers, crossovers and tweeter. The speaker wiring was still the original installation wiring from 3 years ago. Basically there was a rusted connection which I located and repaired myself after 2 hours of diagnostics. There was no new patch wiring as they had stated. Very unprofessional. They'd basically lied to me. Fine if you're on a very tight budget and don't know any better I suppose. Also probably OK for mail order and if you're buying retail from shop. Hate being lied to. There are way better installers though such as Covics in Coventry

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