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Worst company I've dealt with. Ever.

Dearest BT,

I am not happy. I am usually quite a happy some say optimistic person. Then I started dealing with you.
I’ve dealt with incompetent businesses before, I’ve been let down by companies before, I’ve even felt the need to complain before. But never before have I felt so let down and utterly dumbstruck by incompetence that I’ve wanted to cancel a service before it’s even been provided.

Below is a chronology my dealings with yourselves. Shakespeare himself couldn’t have dreamt up such a tragedy. Enjoy.

Catalogue of Errors

21.02 - Order optimistically placed for BT phone line and Infinity. Informed that an engineer is booked to install both services on the PM slot of 07.03.

04.03 - Magically informed Infinity appointment moved to 15.03 AM but phone line install remains the same date.

07.03 - Date of PM line install appointment. Took the afternoon off work and eagerly waited in from 1pm. No news until 5.15 when a chap calls to inform me the engineer “can’t make it today”. Bless him, he must be a busy engineer, oh well, that’s only one afternoon wasted. Given a new appointment in 7 days time.

14.03 - New line install date arrived, take morning off work and as I’m given an AM (8am - 1pm) slot by BT as stated online and via SMS. The weird uncle of BT that is Openreach who actually manage the engineers have it as a PM appointment. No one told me that but then I’m only the customer. A friendly engineer shows at 3pm.
All credit to him, after sweating and tutting a bit the line is connected but with the wrong number so he waddles off to the exchange to change it to the number on my account.

15.03 - An AM Infinity appointment. Great, I’ve got a working phone line so I though. Now for the superfast interweb bit. Well no. BT seem to think there’s a fault on the line. Quite what the fault is and where it came from no one know, magic. But you neglect to tell me this so I wait until 2pm then call BT to be told no engineer today. What, why? A nice Indian lady informs me “We are working to fix the fault” What fault? “There maybe an engineer visiting on Saturday, they will call you”. Brilliant, I love it best when you’re vague, it makes we want you more.
That evening I got a callback for the complaint email stating I’d wasted 1.5 days waiting in for you. My reward? Offered £10 x 2 for missed appointments. Lovely, thanks.

16.03 - Saturday passes. No news or visit from anyone in the UK or India.

18.03 - I call you as I start to think you don’t love me anymore to be told call back on Wednesday for an update on the mysterious fault which should be fixed by then. There might even be a possible engineer visit on 22.03. Oh goody.

21.03 - Still nothing from you so rather than let love go cold I call for a chat.
I’m informed that I need to check the phoneline myself now. How strange, why was I not told this on Monday?
I don’t have a phone to plug in so had to borrow the unsuspecting neighbor's phone and check the line myself. Low and behold it’s working, a dial tone and everything but we knew this anyway.
I called you back to inform you it’s working and has been since it was installed several days ago. I’m told we now have to wait for the engineering team to ‘resolve’ the issue as it was ‘stuck’ in their system. Ouch. How did it get stuck? Where? Who’s system? It was all fine and dandy after the line install.
Now I’m left waiting for someone to call with new appointment. I’m told it will be escalated, not sure what it means but it sounds exciting. Turns out it means nothing. It’s just something you like to say to imply action that’s not actually taken.
I calculated that was 1hr total on calls with BT today. I’m beginning to think you like me.

25.03 - A day of confusion as a new appointment is magically booked for an Infinity engineer to visit on 27.03 and then moved before sunset.

At 11.55am John left voicemail informing me of a new 27.03 AM appointment, go John.
There’s also an SMS from 21230001 to confirm the above AM appointment, nice touch BT.
Followed shortly by an SMS from 64364 at 12.02 PM to confirm a different new appointment booked for 07.03, which is remarkable as that was 18 days ago, you tease.

At 6.07pm a voicemail left, I hate missing your calls but love is tough sometimes. You inform me of a shiny new PM appointment on 04.04. This is being confirmed at 6.10pm by an SMS. What a wicked beat you are. Another 10 day wait.

26.03 - I called you to try and claw back my earlier appointment. I was told that John had been naughty and since told off for booking the 27.03 appointment. Poor John. You called through to the wonderful Openreach to try and move it back, I’m told should be possible and they will call be before 2pm to make new appointment. Another glorious 30mins on call to BT.

No call by 2pm as promised so called at 2.40pm. Told another email sent to Openreach to escalate the issue. On how you love the escalation. Finally got a voicemail in the evening for an apologetic man informing me it’s near impossible to move appointments. Which is funny as you seem to manage doing it really well. No joy, I’ll just have to wait a little longer for something ‘superfast’.

04.04 - Infinity engineer day. I waited in for another no show for the PM appointment. I called you at 4pm to be told the engineer was on the way. The automatic message on your system says there’s an issue with my order. Your staff said there wasn’t. Who do you believe, a person or a machine? It depends which films you watched as a kid maybe. I called again at 6pm to be told an engineer can materialise anytime up until 8pm.
The short of it being, they didn’t.
The online account now says 18.04 for an engineer to not show up.

05.04 - Well done. You’ve beaten me. After 3 days of waiting in and countless hours on the phone waiting in a queue I give in. I cancelled my Infinity order. I will play your games no more.

So there you have it, the story of my BT experience. Did you enjoy that? I certainly didn’t.

I really don’t know what annoys me more, there’s plenty to choose from. The general incompetence, the lack of communication, the loss of earnings, the broken promises or the fact that you are still responsible for the UK’s communication infrastructure and profit from it.

That’s just my story and I know with one quick search online there are thousands more, equally as bad if not worse.

So my questions to you BT are:
What are you going to do to compensate me properly?
Why did this happen?
What are you going to do to stop it happening to others?

One thing's for sure, we know why you call it Infinity. The problems go on for ever.

C Stamp

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