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Very helpful professional crew, best in the business

I have been buying my parts from Design911 for over 4 years and they are the very best in the business, always there to answer questions and they also source the very best.


Rip off merchants

sent 2 x Blackberry phones to this company on the 28th march same day their envelope arrived and kept posting receipt.
after one month they confirm they received the cheaper phone which they've downgraded for late arrival to £0 and they say they did not get my more expensive phone what a surprise! If Royal mail staff took it, why did'nt they just keep both and why would I go to all that trouble and just keep an old phone when i have my new phone? Take note of their warning on all their emails that "abusive language will not be tolerated" now why would you say that if you were going to look after your customers?I have blocked my 2 stolen phones now but understand they send these to India where they can be used. If they think they are going to get rich this way they have no grasp of the business world where companies spend thousands on advertising, but these cheapskates for the the sake of a few quid are getting so much bad press that soon they will change trading name. Just inform as many people as you can and on as many forums. I am sending the proof to my solicitor and Trading standards. Its not the money i've lost, but i can not tolerate being taken advantage of . All those ripped off should stick together against this cheap bullying company! Also bear in mind most of the positive comments could be this company setting up bogus accounts.

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11 April 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Hi Ramin, thanks for your review. We've checked on the system for you, and we don't as of yet have your Blackberry devices. It's possible that your package has been slightly delayed because of the long Bank Holiday weekend, but we obviously have no control of devices en-route to us.

The phones are very much staffed by real living people (as is this review page - it's quite odd being labelled as a fancy bit of software), but as I mentioned to a previous customer below, at peak times our phonelines are very busy indeed. We do of course try to get to each call as quickly as possible.

I'll update this comment when your device is here, and hopefully you'll reconsider your two star review then.

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