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Simply Electronics Ltd.

Dodgy company

Spend the extra £20-£50 and buy your smartphone from a known shop. I made the mistake of trying to save a little cash and, as a result, have basically paid double for my Galaxy S3, having bought one somewhere else while now attempting to get a refund from Simply Electronics (or should I say 'moneybookers'). This company parades as a UK one but is actually based in Hong Kong. Their customer service comprises spouting platitudes to convince customers to delay demanding what should be theirs under the UK trading standards.

I bought my smartphone on the 22nd of March. While checking out, I noticed something dodgy with the checking out page, but it was too late. The order went through. I then immediately contacted them by phone to cancel. I was informed by Zuriala (unsure of spelling) who told me that "my refund should be processed within one working day as the order was only just placed". This didn't happen. I then contacted them through their customer service messaging system and was told on 25th March 2013:
"With regards to your order, we would like to inform you that the order has been cancelled. Please note that it takes 3-5 working days for the funds to reflect on your account once the refund has been initiated."

Even allowing for the Easter holidays, the refund has not been made in the time promised (now 11th of April 2013). I tried ringing their customer service line, which at first was unavailable, and then tried again after 30 mins to just sit on hold listening to their inane welcome message for 5 minutes.

I have just contacted them again through their online messaging service, demanding an explanation for why my refund has not been processed (not even started, as I rang to confirm with my bank) and for some exact details about when this will happen.

Their answer will decide if I enter this as a dispute with my credit card company, as I have their correspondence detailing that the order was cancelled and therefore no product was received, but they are not issuing a refund as processed. The UK Trading Institute and relevant Hong Kong authorities will also be contacted if I do not get a suitable response.

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