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They can talk the talk but can't walk the walk!!

Where do I start; I should have know not to gone with them after rang them up to find out about prices.

I'd been with my previous phone and broadband provider for a number of years and thought when my last contract came up for renewal I'd have a look around to see what else was available. I contacted Talk Talk along with a couple of providers. On the phone to Talk Talk the guy started off really pleasant. I listen and said that the price seemed too good to be true and I was pretty sure I would sign up to them but as Talk Talk was the first company I'd spoken to I'd like to contact a few others. Then the guy's attitude changed, he became aggressive and really rude. I hung up and did have a look at other providers. Talk Talk were far the cheapest, so like a fool I was tempted by the low cost. After signing up with them I now know the reason for this, they are really really really crap! Trying to make sense of their off-shore technical support and customer service staff is a joke.

As they say, if something seems too good to be true then it usually is! This is rings so true for Talk Talk prices, there's always a catch.

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