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Would wish this service on my worst enemy!!

So I joined TalkTalk because of the cheap costs but I knew it was a mistake straight away because so many people I knew had complained about them but I did it anyway because I thought I could cope with the continuous disconnection of the router, likely to happen on a Sunday! I had to wait 2 months for an engineer to turn up to my house, sat in all day and he turned up, drilled a hole in my wall and left a LIVE wire hanging down the front of my house next to the door and he said that someone will turn up in about an hour to connect the wire to the pole out front! No one came....for a week! During this week me and my partner spent about £40 on calls to TalkTalk to tell them we have not "gone live" which when finally getting through to an actual person they basically called us liars because their computer said we had a connection!! I was so angry!! I said why would I be spending my time and money rig you up to listen to a computer voice giving me options after options if I had Internet? Would I not be on the Internet? They said they would look for a fault and said there is none!! There's a damn wire down my house! There's the damn fault but they didn't care, they said they would pay for the phone calls which they haven't! They said they wouldn't charge me until I had actual running Internet which they didn't do either! I hadn't paid my bill for 3 months which I was totally unaware of (bills always more then its supposed to be for unlimited broadband and we don't have a phone connected, why should it be more?) so I called them up to see if they can connect it, I need it for work, every person was rude because they couldn't understand me, one witch contiually called me 'maaa'dam' and spoke over me, the rudest woman I have ever had to speak to! Customer service my arse! Told if I pay £30 I'll get my broadband back but payments busy so ring back later, did this then the amount changed to £37, not a single person cared that I was given wrong information, got through to a manager who offered me 2 months free line rental (how useful is free line rental if you actually can't use the Internet?) he repeated himself over and over again, I asked him if he thought I was stupid or deaf because I can hear and understand him but he didn't care, he said that my personal bank should of informed me that they were cutting off my Internet! Wtf?! Why?? They are unsympathetic, uneducated morons! Favourite quote from the manager "it's in our policy to not give out incorrect information" he told me this when I said why did no one tell me my payments had defaulted? I said "your policy is a f***ing joke then mate because I was given false information 20 minutes ago, which you don't care about, which you'll do nothing about, the person should get disciplinary action for giving out false information no?" He had no response the tool! If you want to keep your hair and live a nice peaceful life then I would suggest not going with TalkTalk, worst customer care I have had the displeasure of dealing with!!!

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