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Terribly Disappointed!!!

It all went wrong when I received my First invoice. I had been charged for missed engineer and installation costs and the wrong package.
1. I didn't need an engineer
2. No engineer visited
3. I have no tv package with Talk Talk
So why did I incur these charges and they still insist in charging me.
After endless attempts via phone trying to contact them, listening to hold music only to eventually speak to someone who is trying to help but clearly out of their depth due to the language barrier issues! Their call centres are abroad which became frustrating as they continuously repeating my so called outstanding balance and not listening or understanding thereasons why these charges are being disputed.
This has been an issue since November yet they continued to take direct debits each month for amounts which I believe are incorrect.
So, I claimed indemnity only to find that they are charging me for this and still not addressing why I had to unwillingly claim an indemnity. I have incurred bank charges as they taking ludicrous amounts from my account.
Completely disappointed. So I decide to email instead again they took approx a week to respond and again no clear response.
I have since been told that they have credited me but I don't know when and if applied and furthermore disagree with the credit amount.
To return home from work to discover my services have been suspended, I decide to contact their customer services team again by phone!!!
I try to persevere, but it has gone past a joke.
I know the agents are trying but at the sometime they are most unhelpful.
He repeatedly told me my outstanding balance yet I told him that these charges are incorrect!
I ask him for my invoices and he decides he will credit my account. I refused to agree to an amount he's plucked from their "loyalty dept" without seeing my invoices!
He refers me to online billing I tell him over and over that as they have SUSPENDED my SERVICES I am unable to view My breakdown of bills online. He didn't understand. I ask him to send my inoices via email, he says that it's not possible to email as I am set up for online billing. Aaaarrrgggghhhh!!!
After the agent sighing and getting fed up he says that he will send my invoices by post but it will take 10-14 days!!! He says this and I hear him meekly say bye and he puts the phone down!!!
OMG!!!10-14 Days. I have no broadband or telephone due to their error yet they are unable to email my invoices to me and I have to wait 2 weeks.
Not good!
So the fact that They have offered me a credit shows they accept liability but it's not enough. I would still be out of pocket.
It disgusts me when they told me the tariff that I am currently on, the joke is that my monthly service charges are the same as having the tv, phone and broadband package!!! So there is NO SAVING!!! I am Still at a LOSS!
Therefore, Phone&broadband =TV,Broadband&phone
Feel like I have been robbed, inconvenienced and most importantly ignored!!!

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