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Battery Force

Good prices and fast delivery

I've used Battery force many times and always had a great service. Order online and get your batteries within a couple of days. Good range too


For some much needed balance

I've used this website - which acts as a broker for many Chinese manufacturers- many times and have always been satisfied with the quality of goods, delivery times and price. On one occasion when an item was faulty they accepted a photo of the display as proof and sent a replacement without me even having to return the faulty one. I have bought mainly motorbike / scooter parts and electronic goods. They have parts not available anywhere else at cheap prices.

recommend +++


Don't be taken in by the hype!

I have just left Virgin Media after signing up to Telewest 10 years ago. Since they began rolling out high speed internet (30, 60, 100 and now 120Mbps) connections the quality of connection has fallen drastically to the point where it is unusable in some areas. I live in NE London and I upgraded to 60 last Aug (because i was being throttled on 30) but the actual speed continued to fall to the point where I was lucky to ge 3Mbps - YES 3- evenings and weekends. The only time it was 60 was around 4am which is absolutely no use to me. It really galled me to see ads on TV and even mailshots in my area touting for new subscribers when they couldn't care less about the ones they already had. eventually after 8 months of this poor service I got out of contract without penalty as they agreed they could not provide the service I was paying for. Just signed up to BT infinity2 and wondered why I hadn't done it months ago.
Areas affected by "high utilisation" as VM call it, have apalling levels of service with no prospect of anything being done about it anytime soon!

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