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Wish there was a minus star rating from Debenhams because that is what they've earned!

I made the mistake of ordering an orthopaedic type double mattress from Debenhams. They acknowledged my order on 8.3.13 and a mattress was finally delivered on 3.4.13. The problem was that it was a super king size instead of a double. It was a pocket spring consigned to my disabled daughter's small flat and so huge that it would only fit into the hallway and not even through the bedroom door. She said to the delivery person at the time that it looked awfully large for a double. Her carers had to wedge it further up the hall to give her access to and from the bedroom. Despite being told it was a fire hazard Customer Services refused to deal with any of my family except me, as the bill payer, but I was out of the country. On return I spent 3 solid days on the 'phone to exchange the Super King Size for a Double mattress. Eventually I was told it was my fault as I'd ordered the wrong mattress despite the price being that of a Double and not a Super. Even on the order confirmation, there was no mention of the size mattress they were sending and that would have been my chance of rectifying any mistakes before going ahead and arranging delivery. Customer services initially admitted their website did not give the required size information but this has since been altered! We are not talking peanuts here, I paid out £615. The current situation is that I am forced to pay a further £78 for collection and they have agreed a refund but looking some of customer experiences on this website Lord knows if and when that will materialise. I have pointed out that no thinking person would knowingly order something that was more expensive than it might have been and not fit for purpose but Debenhams don't do logic. I have written a complaint to the Chairman about Debenhams uncaring, customer blaming practices and their inability to accurately describe their products or rectify mistakes. Furthermore when I examined Amazon today, they have the same product, clearly described at half the price and clear delivery arrangements! Caveat emptor as far as Debenhams is concerned. I can't see this company surviving for much longer.

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