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Bullying pensioners

I pay for my gas at £10 per week via standing order. I am a disabled pensioner in very poor health and suffering from depression. Because British Gas claims not to have the "facility" to have standing orders [despite telling me they receive my money], they keep harassing me by saying my bill is overdue, both online in an email and post as well! They also send me letters saying they have rescinded my payment plan? Then they send letters demanding payment in full, when I don't respond [as sick of phoning them to explain all the time], they ring me up. First thing they do is ask stupid questions, remember THEY called ME, so I get asked for my address, my date of birth and this is the stupidest of all, my home telephone number!!!!!!!!
I am fed up with them and once I have cleared my bill with them and am back in credit again [as I usually am] I am going to change suppliers, I will NOT be bullied, despite it making me ill. All they want is to put up my payments and be even more in credit so they can earn interest on MY money and then have more to give the share holders [well done Mrs Thatcher your crap legacy rolls on!!!]

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Yvonne Bailey
Oxford, United Kingdom


Disabled pensioner who is involved in the community to try and help and improve life for others. Great sense of fun and love socialising with others.