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0n January 9th 2013 I booked two return flights from Glasgow to Mazatlan (Mexico) through Skyscanner and travelup .co.uk. for travel commencing Saturday13/4/2013. Whilst they were marginally cheaper (ONLY A FEW £) than other travel agents they have certainly proved that saving pennies results in angst, worry and uncertainty.

Our flights are with Air France and Aero Mexico (both members of the Sky Team).
On February 22nd I received confirmation of our booking from KLM.
Then on April 4th I received notification from Air France advising me of time changes to my flights.

I am a Flying Blue member which meant I could access my flight information.
This I did and had chosen seats for three legs of the journey. (Aero Mexico and Flybe not allowing me to do this at that time)

All was well until Thursday 11th April (just 40 hours before we had to leave for our first flight) when I received an URGENT email from Travel Up notifying me of these changes.
It took them at least a full week to realise that schedules had changed!

I was asked to respond in an email saying whether or not these changes were acceptable whereupon my new e-tickets could be issued.
One hour after this email was written I replied saying the changes were acceptable.
Problem solved you might think, not so.

The automated email I received in response stated they hope to respond to 97% of their mail within 48hrs.
Still feeling confident that Travel Up were working behind the scenes to fulfil their contract with me and organise my flights I went about packing etc.

Thirty hours before our first flight was due to take off I went on the internet to Manage My Booking to book seats for our Flybe flight only to discover that out of six separate flights we were only booked on two.
Travel Up had duly cancelled all other four flights.

This morning (Friday 12th April at 9.10am) I called them.
What a gross waste of time!
The gentleman I spoke to was totally unhelpful and obstructive.
He refused to take my booking reference and kept repeating the same phrases as though he were an automaton reading from a script without the intelligence or authority to deviate from it.
Then he rung off!

I had appointments to keep, as well you might imagine on the eve of my departure.
I had to ask my husband to deal with the matter from offshore Mozambique.

He duly phoned and got the same run around.
Into the bargain the operator was downright rude.

All credit to KLM and The Sky Team who my husband called in Amsterdam.
They took time to listen to our plight and did everything in their power to resolve the situation.
After a twenty minute phone call (at expensive rates between Mozambique and Amsterdam) KLM had the problem sorted.

Many thanks KLM.

I would in no way, shape or form recommend Travel Up to anyone.
They are totally unprofessional, incompetent and downright rude.


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