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Biggest pile of crap company ever!!!

This isn't the first time I've had untold hassle with this shower of flamin pirates, so I've finally had it and am venting. Item reached depot yesterday so there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that it shouldnt be delivered today. Checked tracking which says '' in transit possible delay' the first lie of the day. I wouldn't be surprised if I check later and it says 'delivery attempted' when the driver hasn't been within a 60 mile radius of my house. I will have a very upset little boy who wont have his new kit for his sports day thanks to this joke of a company. I honestly don't why companies continue to use them. They even sent an item of mine back to sports direct once, claiming they tried to deliver 3 times when they hadn't even bothered tryin once!!! DO NOT ORDER from any company that use Yodel. Next day delivery my eye, more like no delivery!!
After emailing 'Laura' I got an automated email telling me my parcel is out for delivery today. Fat lot of good that is when I needed it this morning! Here's a bit of info for you Yodel. When somebody uses next day delivery, it's is very very likely that they need the item next day, they aren't just being impatient. If you can't guarantee next day delivery don't offer it! I ordered the items on Saturday and paid for next day, and it is now wednesday and still no parcel. I probably would have got it quicker using standard delivery and saved some money in the process. This really is the worst delivery company in the history of the world. Give me Royal Mail anyday.

14 May 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Kate, I have an update for you!

If you email social.media@yodel.co.uk, I'll be able to explain more :-)


Protect your bubble

CRAP, wouldn't accept valid proof of purchase. AVOID!!

I cracked my iphone screen after dropping it and submitted a claim. They asked for proof of purchase, which is fair enough. I contacted Orange who sent me out a proof of purchase. It had my name, make and model of iphone , IMEI and the date my contract started. Apparently this is not good enough, as it did not have date of 'purchase' on it. Now anyone with half a brain knows when your contract starts is when you get your new phone, and it said on the letter the make and model of the phone that started the contract. I contacted Orange and they were astounded that this was not accepted. The man on the phone told me that's the standard proof of purchase they send and that every insurance company accepts it. NOT PROTECT YOUR BUBBLE!!! Orange said there's no more they can do, as that's their standard proof of purchase. Apple themselves accept it. They're just trying anything to get out of paying. Just get insurance through your phone company, as this shower may be cheaper, but they just want your money, they have no intention of honouring any claim!!!!

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