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Great items not so good customer service

I have ordered loads of stuff from here so has my daughter and the items are nearly always great value and some are amazing value. However when things are wrong or there is a problem and you contact them they ususally say they will call/email you back and it doesnt happen. When they asked for a review on the facebook page I mentioned that they should improve their customer service and since then I have been blocked from commenting on any item or any post they put on. I cant even like an item. I think this is REALLY unfair. If they dont want an honest opinion they shouldnt ask. In the review I had also said how good the items were as well. I had not been rude or offensive at all. I also agree with others that there should be a limit on how many new arrivals items you can order at once and when something is in your basket it should be held stay there until you check out

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Chris Connell
Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom