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Contacted Kupperbusche first who insisted that the only option open to me for fixing my Frdge/Freezer was to contact Repaircare as they were the only agents repairing this make in the UK. Was very reluctant to go down this avenue as I had read such disastrous reviews! However, left with no alternative I contacted Repaircare in June 2010 to start the process, thinking that at least I had a 'heads up' so expected it to be timely. First engineer arrived and confirmed that we needed a new circuit board and that the part may take a little while to arrive as it had to come from USA. I was very pleasently surprised when only a couple of weeks later they called to say they had the part and we could proceed with the repair. Engineer arrived but then decided that although the part had arrived there should have been two circuit boards, not one, so they would have to leave it until the other part arrived. We waited and waited...and waited... Eventually we contacted Repair Care who said the repair had been completed. When we assured them that it hadn't they said the engineer who had been contracted to work on our Fridge/Freezer had left the company and must have sign it off by accident. They sent out another 'Chief Engineer' to check what work had been done (NONE AS YET) who apologised most profusley, and assured me that he would 'personally' sort this out and order the other required part. After a few weeks we contacted the contractors again who said the part wasn't available yet and had been put on back order. They were hoping to get delivery of it at beginning of December. Today is the 16th December and I was waiting in nervous anticipation of having a fridge/freezer that worked! Oh, foolish Me! Engineer turned up and guess what? They've sent the wrong part. Six months now and absolutely no further on than when we started this debacle!! If there had of been an alternative company I would definately have used them rather than this shower of useless beings!

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