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Good value and functions for price and size, fast delivery.

Online order for Behringer MS 40 active speakers.
No problems with transaction and delivery as promised was next day. I bought these active bookshelf speakers as a substitute for the poor speakers fitted in a flat panel TV installed in a small flat. These units are not exactly Spendors, Tannoys or Kefs', but the sound that comes out of the small boxes is OK, if not sounding a little flat and lacking mid-range brightness. But then they are only 2 way units with active crossovers. They fit pressed chasis speakers with white cones and badge them as 'monitors' but for the money, do not expect the real deal you could get from much more expensive speakers. For me they win on the integrated active amplifiers and inputs including digital. Many smart TV's sold now have TOSLINK connectors.

The biggest downside is the lack of a steel grill on the main speaker and no option to buy them as an accessory. If used as multimedia speakers by little kids, i can see their cones getting poked and damaged, I am even nervous just carrying them about. I am looking into fitting my own 5 or 6 inch grills for protection, but finding a neat method of fixing is a challenge.

Overall, a good buy from GAK for their price and features and I am pleased. However, they now seem difficult to source.

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