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Worst broadband provider ever!!!!!! I usually don't make comments on forums like this but i would advise people to steer clear of virgin media. I was a loyal customer for about 4 years and happy with the service as i don't donwload alot, but it is used for gaming purposes/streaming/iplayer etc. HOWEVER! We were charged £224 for calls we did not make and when we called them they said we had to pay. I queried the bill and said they wouldn't take money out while my account was under query. Next month another billf or £108 for calls we didn't make! And they turned my broadband off demanding i paid. They sent an engineer over and then it was finally determined i had a cross line. However in the mean time they had taken out the amount of £224!!!! it took 3 weeks of endless calling to FINALLY get them to reinburse the money they owed me AND THEY HADN'T RESUMED MY SERVICES! In the end they reimbursed the £224 and cancelled the £108 charge (I had to just pay the £40 for my package which i was happy doing so).and resumed my services. This WHOLE process took about a month and i had no phone/tv/broadband while sorting it out......SMH. They wouldn't offer any compensation just gave me back my money and said i wasn't allowed to cancel my 6month contract.!!! All well and good until you ACTUALLY need to speak to someone. Worst customer service ever.

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