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I have been with TT for a few years and up until now never had any problems.I received a phone call asking if I would like a viewbox and as I wouldn't be paying any extra cost I said yes. The engineer installed the viewbox and as my router was in another room I decided to have the wireless plugins which I had been told when I placed my order would be £35 pounds.I was told by the engineer that it would now be £50 as they had been having problems with the cheaper ones, I said ok but was not very happy and said that I should have been informed of the change in price.After he had left I phoned TT to complain about the change in price and also that the viewbox was nor recording or playing back on some channels.I was told that an engineer would come out on 2nd May A MONTH LATER,!!!!! how many engineers do they have ? I was also told that a note had been put on my account and I would only be charged £35. A few days later I viewed my account online and low and behold I had been charged £50.Another phone call to a totally incompetent moron who told me that the wireless plugins were actually £65 and I was getting them cheaper at £50.What a bunch of liars just after your money.At this point I asked to speak to a manager only to be told that he was on another call and he would phone me back when he had finished,You guessed it no phone call. I have emailed and had no reply. I was also told that I would have to pay for the engineer if the equipment was damaged, It had not been in my house 24 hours. I know my situation is not as bad as some of the reviews on this site but it is so frustrating when you are dealing with people who just do not care about how the treat their customers whatsoever.Maybe Watchdog should do an investigation into their policies.

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