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I phoned Talk Talk in December 2012 to cancel my account of several years. It was only going to be a cancellation of a few months, until I moved.
I had the phone put down on me three times, I spent long periods on hold and listened to an endless stream of human parrots spouting "what is your phone number, what is your post code, what is your account number". After around eight years with them I still don't know my account number and nobody would tell me.
Eventually after mentioning legal action I as told that the account would be closed in 5 days time. This took an hour and twenty three minutes.
Febuary, I receive a reminder in the post of an outstanding figure. I phone them and am told that my final payment did not include the December period. I queried the high charge and was told of a £10 fee for missed payment. But I did not receive a bill, yes we sent it to your account. But my account is closed. Yes but you did not change your billing arrangement, then why write to me after adding the charge.....................and so it went on. In the end I paid up just to get away from them.
April, a final demand for more money. phone them up, get a manager this time, same surreal converstion until I mention that I am now in touch with the Ombudsmans office. Suddenly it is matter settled, charges cancelled.

During this period of over three months, I have written to them and replied to a bill online. No response at all. I used email via their question service and was asked along with the usual questions such things as bank details, when I have only paid by credit card and what is the answer to my secret question (arranged about 8 years ago) but would not ask the question.

I am not afraid of a scrap. But I am truly concerned about what happens when elderly or other vulnerable people fall into their clutches.
There is no doubt in my mind that their system is carefully structured to squeeze every last possible penny from people who just wish to leave them. It seems to be working too, or what else could explain their total lack of interest in client retention and goodwill.

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