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Wex Photographic

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link - ParcelFARCE!!!

Ordered a camera bag with next day delivery for a trip abroad this week. Although, next day delivery becomes two day delivery with Parcelforce as they deem 25 miles from Glasgow as 'remote'! So order should have been delivered on Wednesday 4/9/2013.

Now as we are 'remote', Parcelforce use the postman to do the final delivery. Delivery day comes and I wait all day. Postie comes at about 2pm but has nothing for me. Unsurprised I call Parcelforce to inform them that Royal Mail have not delivered anything. They say they will call the depot and get back to me. 5.30 arrives which is the published final delivery time, so I call back. "Oh" they say, "Royal Mail are closed now so we can't do anything". They assure me it will however arrive with the next days post.

So Thursday arrives and I take another day off waiting for the elusive parcel to arrive. Postie stealthily delivers the mail at 2pm but has no parcels for me. I check the online tracking... "In progress" it says, and has done for two days. So I call Parcelforce once again. "I will find out what is happening Sir and call you back". Nothing. no call. Only after a further slightly more irate call do I get anywhere with them. "It's at the Aberfoyle delivery office Sir". Great, only 10 minutes away, so I hop in the car. Only it wasn't at the Aberfoyle delivery office and never had been.

Time for me to contact WEX. Can't get through on the phone, technical problems apparently. So opting for the online live chat I try to get some answers. The live chat works and I manage to converse with someone. They check the tracking and confirm that the parcel has been handed off to Royal Mail but not delivered. Tell me something I don't know! They do however promise to get in touch with their Parcelforce rep and get back to me by email as the phone lines were down. I wait until the end of the day for a response, and having received nothing, I email WEX outlining my concerns.

Friday and I am in Glasgow. Two days overdue and still no progress made with either Parcelforce or WEX. Then, a response to my email from WEX the previous afternoon. The parcel has been signed for! what! Where? By whom? So onto Parcelforce tracking I go. It has been signed for, by me apparently, only I have never seen the parcel or signed anything. My signature has been forged. Not only that, but the date of delivery is 4/9/2013, the day it should have been delivered. I checked tracking on the 5th and it still said 'In Progress'. So i jump in the car and drive the 50 mile round trip to see if it has indeed been delivered, but it hasn't. I'm straight on the phone to Parcelforce. "Where the hell have you delivered my parcel?"... "Sorry sir, Royal Mail are closed now, there is nothing we can do" I try to call WEX. Phone lines still down, so I reply to the email, suggesting that as someone other than me seems to have my order they might want to use one of their mobile phones to call me.

That is as far as I have got. Parcelforce customer service is limited at weekends and WEX don't have any. I have no parcel, WEX are refusing a refund because tracking now says delivered and Parcelforce couldn't give a monkeys"

I am absolutely amazed that neither party seems to care that there is fraud going on here. I first flagged a problem with this delivery on Wednesday afternoon. It is now Sunday evening and not a thing has been done about it.

WEX are great at taking your money. They also seem pretty good at dispatching orders in time. Where they fall down is their choice of courier and the after sales service.

I have spent hours trying to get to the bottom of this and driven over a hundred miles. I am considerably out of pocket. Question is who do I charge my time to and at what point do I inform the police of this apparent fraud? WEX? ....

16 September 2013

Reply from Wex Photographic

I am sorry to hear about the failed delivery of your order and as you stated I apologise it was made even more frustrating with us experiencing problems with our own phone lines, which has now been resolved.

I am sorry you felt that Wex didn't care, I can assure you this wasn't the case. I can see that a Wex member of staff had taken on your initial enquiry and was doing all he could do this end to try and find out where your parcel was and had replied to your email to update you. We had requested that the delivery driver was interviewed as to ask them where the parcel had been delivered to and were waiting for an update.

We certainly did not refuse to provide a refund, we simply wanted to find out where the item had been delivered to first, as the tracking indicated it had been delivered and signed for.

We were unable to locate the parcel and I can confirm a refund was made back to you on the 10th September.

Again, I am sorry for the problems you had with the order and for the time you spent trying to chase the delivery. From someone that buys a lot on-line, I really do understand the frustration when deliveries do not arrive.

I have passed on your comments to our carriage manager and will ensure details of your complaint are passed on to our Parcel Force account manager.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback.


Insanely Good Service!

Ordered a pair of PRESCRIPTION Oakleys on Monday night - well past office hours. Arrived on Friday. Was kept informed of the progress of the order. Not only that but was the cheapest price I could find. Amazing service by both RXSport and presumably Oakley too.

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