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I ordered a beauty set from The Hut. I was only looking for one product, an Elizabeth Ardan lip protectant stick, but they had this set for a couple of pounds more and with a few extra creams.
I ordered it, with next day delivery. It got here fine, however the product I got isn't even one they have on their site!
I trolled through their customer services, which are quite frankly awful. There is no way to contact them and I don't want to do a simple exchange because something is obviously wrong their end. I've tried filling out their contact form and have heard nothing.
When competing in this online market with the likes of amazon and other sites, it would be seriously advisable to look after your customers, don't make them have to troll through some FQA's which are simply not helpful and when the problem is with you, I don't want to have to be the one who's paid and then has to fix your mistake!


After someone finally contact me, I sent the wrong item back and said that I wanted a refund. I don't want to do business with a company who doesn't look after their customers, and im my experience, TheHUT is the worst online company I've ever dealt with.
Today I got an email notifying me that NOTHER package was being delivered. I do not want the item, I found what I wanted and at a better price else where. I specifically said that I wanted my money back and it feels like i'm being stolen from.
The company has no effective way to deal with their customers issues and problems and for that reason along, i would point anyone in the opposite direction away from them.
I wish their was someone who has warned me, no one needs this much trouble in their life.

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