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Management are rude and dont know what they are doing.

I work for them so heres the low down on them, and i have worked in several aldi stores and its the same in all of them.

They leave frozen and chilled delivery out in the open for hours while they work it, and when they have finished the delivery they put the defrosted or warm products back into the freezer or chiller.

You don't get all of your breaks, alot of the times you dont get a break, and if you do get a break and the store gets busy they make you sit on the till.
The management talk to you like your a piece of shit, they act friendly to your face but they slag you off behind your back, they have slagged off other staff members to my face and i am just a store assistant so what does that tell you about the people who work there and the company itself.

They dont pay you correctly, when they ask you to stay behind when your shift has finished, call you in early or ask you to come in on your day off, they dont put your extra hours down on the computer, they "forget" to do it so their "prod" looks better, if you ask to see the hours you have done they will try to put it off or they will show you, put your hours on, then when you have gone out of the office they will take the hours off.

When your on the tills you have to work out the change for the customer in your head even though the till can work it out for you, yet they expect your till to be spot on when they cash you up.

They make you work 11 to 15 hour shifts then expect you to start work at 6am the next morning.
The area managers turn a blind eye to all these things, they are not stupid they choose not to do anything about it. and if you go to them with a problem about someone especially if they are management, they wont believe you, they will always take the side of the management.

They are not big on health and safety, and the safety of the staff dont cross the managements minds.
If your injured and you cant work they wont believe you and will slag you off, they dont care for your wellbeing.

They expect you to be in the store 15 mins before your shift starts and to work straight away yet they wont pay you for it, then when you finish your shift at 8PM or 9 pm when the store closes they expect you to clean the store, the tills and staffroom and to be out by 9.15 pm the latest, but if you get out of the store by 9.30 pm they will only pay you till 9pm, the only way they will pay you when you work past 9pm is when you get out of the store by 9.45 or later.

The management expect you to do nothing on your day off, not to have a life and to sit by the phone waiting for them to call you for extra hours, once you get your hours for the week, you like millions of other workers may actually make plans on your days off or when you finish work, and when the management ask you to do extra hours and you say no as you have made plans to do something they will be pissed off with you, they wont see your side of it, so when it comes to working bank holidays which is double pay, they wont put you down to work it and they will make you work all your shifts for the week until the store closes. so if you have a wife, girlfriend or you have someone who relies on you, expect your relationship to suffer,

They put everyone who works in the store apart from the assistant manager and store manager, on a basic hours on their contracts, some are contracted to a minimum of 6 hours, some are on a minimum of 18 hours, so anything you do above this you will be thankful for, so say for example you are contracted to 18 hours and one week they make you work 25 hours, the next week they will give you 11 hours or less and will say as you did 25 hours that week it works out the same, yet the extra hours you do is overtime so how they work out that they can give you less hours thats on your contract i dont know.

when you are on the till you have to scan the products really fast as they monitor your speed and you have to hit speed targets which have been set, i once was serving a customer who only has the use of one arm, she didnt buy too much for herself so i thought i would pack the shopping for her, but when i did this and she walked off a member of management told me off, this person said i should't have done that, even when i explained that the customer only had the use of one arm this didnt make a difference, so if your disabled or old and you struggle to put the shopping into your trolly fast enough or struggle to put your shopping into your shopping bag, bottom line is aldi dont care

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