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Constantly not having purchases track

I have made now probably 8 purchases through TCB and of those only 3 have tracked. I then have to go through the process of contacting customer support and raising a ticket, which then has the effect of delaying the outcome even longer. I have 2 claims that are more than 5 months old and 3 that have been declined by the retailer for unknown reasons. When I contacted CS about the tracking issues I get the stock reply that I must have cookie issues. I have been using cashback sites for about 5 years now and am fully aware of how cookies track a transaction. I also use [external reference] and have far less problems with tracking, and am kept fully informed by their CS when there is an issue. Unlike TCB who have not responded to the nudges I have sent about the 5 month outstanding issues, neither of which are subscription or contract, which should just be a clear "I bought something, now pay the cashback"
Also, and this is true of both the top cashback sites don't be fooled into thinking that you are getting a free dinner. I have on a few occasions gone through the cashback site to a retailer and in another browser just gone straight to the site and have found the price cheaper without using the CB site

15 April 2013

Reply from Topcashback

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

I am sorry to hear that you are having tracking issues and can completely understand your frustration at having to lodge so many missing cashback claims. There are so many factors which affect the tracking of a transaction, but we generally find that these are down to cookie issues. The Customer service representative would have checked that there wasn't a widespread issue with that particular merchant but there are a number of other aspects such as browser settings and security software. We often find that using a different web browser helps here, but we are also aware that certain security software can cause issues. If trying a different browser doesn't help, can you get back in touch and we will see if we can offer any further help.

Regarding your claims, a 'nudge' helps direct the attention of the claims team but would usually not result in a response. Please feel free to submit a support ticket requesting an update on your claim from here-

On this occasion, can you email with FAO John in the subject header and I will be happy to look into your claims for you.

Also, prices should be the same going through TopCashback to the merchant as they are if you go to them directly. If they aren't this would be something which we would need to investigate. Could you include the details of where you have seen this happen in your email?

I do hope that we can get your claims quickly resolved and everything tracking without problems for you. Thank you for using TopCashback!

Best wishes,

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