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PayPal are great for selling via eBay, etc, but I recently ordered a battery for my husband's laptop from a company claiming to be based in the UK. Unfortunately the battery caught fire 4 days ago, completley damaging his laptop, which we've had to replace at the cost of £420! The battery is supposed to be guaranteed for 3 years - we haven't even had it for 3 months! The company concerned - top-battery.co.uk won't reply to emails so the chance of getting a refund looks very unlikely...
PayPal don't want to know as it is out of their 45 day dispute period, even though the battery took 2 weeks to arrive from China, not the UK, as the website would have you believe. Even though this company is selling dishonestly and worse still, selling extremely dangerous goods PayPal are still allowing them to trade and trading standards can't do anything either as they are not a UK company.
I have written a formal complaint to Paypal stating that under the circumstances - serious health and safety issues and international delivery which seriously eats into the 45 days - they should review their 45 day policy and extend it to 3 months. They could easily refund us by taking the money from the seller's account.... I'm still waiting to hear from them, but don't hold out much hope.

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Top Battery


I purchased a battery from them in January 2013 and at first everything seemed great until this morning... My husband turned his laptop on and immediately smelled burning. He picked his laptop up to find flames coming out of the battery! This has completely damaged his computer, which is no longer useable!
Worse still if he had been using the laptop on his knee, I hate to think what would have happened, or if a child had been using the laptop. This could have easily escalated to something more serious. Luckily my husband was there when it happened so was able to act quickly, the next person might not be so fortunate.
Neither trading standards nor PayPal seem to be able to do anything about it as they are not a UK company as they claim, so I have now reported it to Watchdog. Someone needs to alert the public about these corrupt foreign sellers!

A week after this first happened, I have finallly got some of my money back, but only £15, less PayPal costs, making a total of £14.06. When I asked top-battery why so little, their reply was bacause I can't send it back! It was supposed to be guaranteed for 3 years and I have provided photographic evidence of the burnt out battery and reminded them of the seriousness of this incident. Thank goodness no-one was seriosuly hurt of worse. As it is, it has cost us £420 to replace the laptop!! I have now resorted to reporting this to the Chinese Embassy as I don't know what else to do. It is so wrong that these foreign companies can trade under the pretence of being UK based and offering full guarantees, etc, when in reality they are not, and no one has the power to stop them. Maybe we need to wait until someone is seriously injured or killed. Perhaps then someone might stop and listen to us!

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