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Good with room for improvements?

The site is essentially as It says on the tin, all iteams are a fiver pls delivery charges, The more iteams you order the cheaper it works out per iteam. I have ordered 6/7 pair of shoes and boots including wellies,casual shoes and high heels, they have all been of exceptional quality especially for the price. They always look worth more than 5 pounds worth.
I have also ordered many dresses and other clothing iteams. mostly they fit and are of good quality however with any online shopping site occasionally an iteam arries and does not look like the picture on the site. I generally just give these iteams away to charity as I can't be hasstled with sending them back.
The facebook updates are usefull as you can see what nice clothes ranges will be added soon and plan to order them however sometimes you may be dissapointed as they do not stock all iteams in all sizes, but at the end of the day it's £5.00 so what do you expect.
My main issue with this site is BULK BUYERS snatching up clothes in large quantities, to check out how many iteams you can add to a baskett I tried this with the newly added stock today and was suprised to find I could add up to 99 iteams of any product (presuming it was currently in stock) and that postage would only be £20. In a way you can't blaim the bulk buyer's, everyone has to make a living somehow, right? but I think loyal customers should get a day to buy what they want. one of each iteam in each colour then bulk buyers can buy up any excess stock. It only seems fair.
As a general rule is you see something you want Do not hestitate as it may go out of stock sooner than you think. Do reccomend to friends and buy your clothes together to make postage cheaper. Add the facebook page for updates and check their albums regualy. It also helps to be pre-logged in and have a paypal account when new iteams go live.

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