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Complete mismanagement

This is an email I sent to sharps:

I have an array of issues with how my wardrobe project has been handled so far!

- My designer came late and I was left waiting without anyone informing me, he then called 1 hour later and stated he would be with me in 30 minutes, he was another 1 hour and 15 minutes late.

- After I had paid a deposit know one called me to arrange a survey date, I had to call.

- Finally when all my dates were given to me 9th, 18th 22nd. The surveyor came and mentioned all the drawings were wrong.

- All that said and done I was waiting for the 18th and 22nd to arrive. I just called to confirm times and dates to be told that they are not correct and there are no dates on my account due to ‘TECHNICAL FAULTS’. Surely if this is the case someone should of contacted ME! To make matters worse, I was put through to three people who told me that someone will call me back, learning how Sharps operate I called again and was told to call back as the other department (Planning department) is closed till 13:45!

Frankly, Sharps is completely mismanaged, I have paid £3,000 to be treated in a way I wouldn't even expect from IKEA.

I want someone to tell me what is going on and give me some dates that I can stick to.

I am so disappointed and I will 100% never order from Sharps again and stop anyone, so they avoid falling into this time wasting and expensive trap.

I do hope this issue is addressed as I can see this being ignored like every other step I have taken.

Please see an email send to me regarding the dates:

‘Dear Miss Burham

Further to our telephone conversation this morning, I would confirm that our surveyor, Alan Olseen, will be calling out to you on 9th April at 11 am, as arranged. You will need to ensure there is a letter of authority on site, to confirm that your mom can sign on your behalf.

In addition, I would confirm that, subject to survey, your furniture will be fitted during week commencing the 22nd April . Once the survey is complete, our planning department will call and confirm the exact dates that the fitters will be with you, in addition to confirmation of your delivery date of the 18th April.

I trust this information meets with your approval, but should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact this department on 01902 483090.

Kind regards.’

Jane Breakwell

Sharps Survey Department

- Further to this, I just tried to call Sharps I was again put through to two people to be left on the phone with it continuously ringing!


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