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Moving house? - I think I'll move service provider

I've been with Virgin for a few years now and, apart from being too expensive, they were always OK, that was until I tried to move house!
So...I booked in for the engineer to set me up at my new property well in advance but then as I couldn't complete in time I had to move the date. When I received text messages advising me that the engineer would still be turning up on the old date I called Virgin (twice) to ensure that it had been problem they told me, the text system hasn't caught up. When my phone got cut off I smelt a rat and called the helpdesk, the guy swore blind that there was a fault on my line and that an engineer would need to be sent out which would take 2 days. My job involves working with telecoms and once I started asking him some technical questions it was obvious he was telling me a pack of lies.....eventually I got my phone back on!! Then on the weekend of my move I woke up on the Thursday to find that I had all my services cut off, this on the very day I need to electronically transfer my deposit money. Once again I called the helpdesk and was given another complete load of tripe about how they have to disconnect you 48 hours before your move so they can provision the new account, I spoke to the manager but got nowhere. FInally I called back and waited until I got the onshore desk...lo and behold I got my broadband back (the only reason they have 2 stars instead of 1).
When the engineer turned up to do the installation he informed me that a cable needed to go in and that someone would show up first thing Tuesday, needless to say nobody came and I'd taken the morning off work for nothing. Just to add insult to injury and in spite of the fact I have a live direct debit with Virgin I get a letter from a debt collection agency telling me I owe them money...WTF!!!! So 2 weeks after moving I still have no phone, broadband or TV, I have no idea how much it's cost me on calls to the helpdesk on their premium rate number and I see that they've taken money out of my bank account today for my (none existent) service...POOR, POOR, POOR!!!!


House Move Sorted

I was a bit dubious when I saw the website, not least because the price was so much less than the competitors, however when I called up I was very impressed by the slickness of the operation, they even conference you into a 3 way call with DVLC to validate your driving license. The instruction received by both text and e-mail were clear and precise and the automated pick up and drop off is genius!!
I will certainly use these guys when I need to hire a van in the future.

One hint...write down your booking reference number and PIN so you're not struggling (like me) to retrieve a text message whilst you're on your mobile!

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