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Fabulous Fat Face!

Since the last review on here Fat Face seem to have booked their ideas up a little! I first found Fat Face in 2008 after seeing a catalogue a friend had delivered to work! Before then I never knew they existed! After having a couple of babies I am now slim enough to want Fat Face clothes again knowing I can get wear out of them!
To the ordinary person, Fat Face clothes can seem a little on the expensive side however I must stress that these are quality items that you get for your money not just some 'fashionable tat' like you may get in other expensive high street brands. I am an outdoors type of person and give my clothes a lot of harsh wear and these stand up to the test no problem. I have had a Fat Face sweatshirt for the last 3 years and it still looks like new!
Clothes are stylish but are easily transferred from one season to another if you want to layer them. The clothes are also pretty timeless and will last you at least 2-3 years of 'fashion seasons'.
Sales are amazing! I love the sales! You can get kit at upto 75% off and its not normally the dregs of the season, you tend to find a sale means all of the stock they had in store. Which means you can grap some amazing bargains! I recently grabbed a knitted dress for £15 instead of £45!
They have plenty of stores dotted around and a comprehensive list on the website. They also have outlet stores where you can grab bargains but in my experience a lot of the stock is normally past season, I go around 3/4 times a year just to check out what they have!
There customer service is second to none, the shop assistants are helpful and not pushy and the guys at Fat Base HQ are fab! I recently had a problem with some jeans that for some reason washed a size bigger and they said just to return them to the store where i could exchange them or get a full refund no problem at all! They were genuinely apologetic about the whole incident it restores you faith that some companies actually do care about their customers problems and opinions! From what I've found they want feedback on their clothing so they can continually improve their products and range.... think they might actually get the whole concept of consumer need and want not like some other large clothing companies who seem to turn out poorer and poorer clothing every year for higher prices!

All in all I love Fat Face! My friends always ask where I have got my clothing from and I love looking slightly different to other people on the street! As long as they continue to turn out good quality clothing I will remain a faithful and loyal customer :-) x


Good but improvements can be made!

I love Mamas and Papas products and if their snooty shop staff and online problems could be rectified in some way then they would get a full 5 stars from me.
Like I said the products overall are very good, fashionable and functional and both my girls have loved everything I have bought from there. My most recent purchase the Ziko Frankie stroller in pink is fab, good quality and sturdy! However the delivery system leaves a lot to be desired! I get sent an e-mail saying it has been shipped but there is no tracking number or any other details. I have just ordered the Baby Snug in Raspberry and simply got an e-mail saying it should be with you in 1 day! Well it hasn't arrived today and I'm a little bit miffed, no tracking data or anything sent! All they need to do is have a 'track my order' bit like other companies and when the item is dispatched add the tracking number! It's not hard!!
Next the staff! Well the shops are lovely, really well laid out and have a variety of items laid out so you can 'touch and feel' so to speak! However th staff can be a bit obnoxious sometimes. I have had two completely different experiences in the same store, the first when I was in jeans and t-shirt and the staff could not have been more rude, in fact they completely ignored me! The second whilst I was wearing my work gear which is typically a suit or similar! They were all over me that time! In my opinion if you look like you have money then they are all over you!!
So Mamas and Papas add a decent tracking facility to your website and tell your staff that just because I wear jeans and a t-shirt on my day off it doesn't mean I can't afford your products!! Then you'll have 5 sar service to be proud of!


Beyond a joke!

This company seem to believe they are a cut above the rest! I used to always get my eyes tested there because my parents had done so for many years. Never seemed to have a problem with the eye test although it didn't seem very long. When I moved to a different part of the country with work I continued to use vision express and I am appalled by both their attitude and quality of work.
Firstly the optician was rather snooty and off-hand. Even told me I should have been wearing glasses for years?! Tell your friend in the other branch that, who told me my eyes were fine!! He then ushered me out of the room handed my notes to a sales assistant and flounced off!
The sales assistant said 'Oh. you need glasses then?' and took me to the designer frames section with the words 'somebody of your age doesn't want those cheap, non-fashionable frames. I think the designer range is best for you!' I asked if I could have a look around and I would call her when I needed her. She seemed a bit dejected but complied with my request.
I found a rimless pair of frames, not exactly cheap, but I really liked them. She seemed pleased I had decided to spend my money at last! It was then that she started bangin on and on about contact lenses and how I should give them a try. I explained I don't like things going anywhere near my eyes and the thought made me feel a bit sick. She just kept going on and on about it and said if I didn't like it I could cancel the Direct Debit blah blah blah.... she just didn't get it!!
She then measured my PD and told me the cost of my glasses would be about £400! I nearly choked! But being naive I though this was what glasses cost and went ahead with the order.
A week later I went to pick them up. When I put them on I felt something wasn't quite right as my eyes started hurting and my vision was worse than without them. She just brushed it off with, oh its becasue you're not used to them! I then noticed than where the arms were screwed into the lenses the was a crack in the lens! I told her about this and she said 'oh you must have been rough with them, it won't affect your vision though so don't worry about it!' UNBELIEVABLE! I then said I ws not parting with any money at all because of the whole fiasco and their general attitude towards me. The manager tried to call me a time waster and offered the glasses 1/2 price, he didn't like it when I said that was too much for rubbish broken glasses, there was never an offer to replace the cracked lens!! Vision Express could keep my glasses and I'd take my prescription elswhere! Never got that copy of my prescription!
However made an appointment with another optician down the street and have not looked back since! Friendly professional service, no pushy sales and wonderful end product! My glasses don't hurt my eyes and I can see great and £100 of a lot cheaper for 2PAIRS of glasses! Still yet to receive a phonecall or a letter of apology.

In short- Don't bother!


Wow! There should be more companies like this!!

This company are fab!! I sent them an e-mail on a sunday with an enquiry, not expecting a reply until Monday, 2 hours later a reply came back with exactly what I wanted to know. I ordered my frames online from a different place, it cost me £5 for the Osiris frames, identical to the £125 pair I had seen in Specsavers. I then filled in the online form but struggled a little bit. I rang the number and within 3 rings I spoke to a lady who sorted the problem within seconds and was so professional kind and helpful.
The box arrived the next day and about 4 days later my reglazed glasses arrived back! What wonderful service and I saved myself £100 in the process!
I cannot recommend this company enough!


Fantastic Service!

After reading reviews about Specsavers I was getting quite worried about my impending eye test with them. I attended the appointment this morning and have to say I could not have asked for better service!
I arrived about 10 mins early for my appointment and staight away taken by an assistant to do all the pre-checks and book in properly as this was my first time ever with Specsavers. I had given up on Vision Express because of their excessive charges and snotty customer services.
After this I was called straight through to see the optician. She did a very throrough check-up and it was decided I'm blind as a bat and need glasses! She offered to check me for contacts but I'm squeamish about anything going in or close to my eyes so politely declined. She was fantastic and said that was absolutely fine and if I ever changed my mind just phone them up and let them know.
The store where I went had a fantastic choice of frames to suit every budget and lifestyle and I found it difficult to choose. My personal sales assistant spent ages with me trying on different frames accross all the price bands from cheap to more expensive, we were nearly an hour and not once did she falter or look like she was getting hacked off with me. She gave me lots of useful advice and was very honest about what suited me and what didn't.
I chose 2 pairs of frames both £99 designer frames and she explained that since I had chosen these they were BOGOF! Even better! She measured my pupils and said she might be able to get them done within the hour if they had the lenses. Alas my funny eyes mean I have to have special lenses so it wasn't meant to be!
There was no hard sell on the special coatings etc, she even said that I didn't really need anything apart from scratch resistance but that was included anyway.
When I paid for my glasses she said because I had needed glasses there was no need to pay the sight test fee!
So all in all I paid £99 for two pairs of designer glasses and got my eye exam free of charge! Fantastic result when vision express wanted £300 for roughly the same and kept going on about contact lenses until they were blue in the face!!

Maybe my experience was different because I come from a rural area where there is a Vision Express, Optical Express and Specsavers on the same street, so they know they have to strive to keep customers happy or they will lose them and they can't afford to do that! My glasses are amazing and I can now see which I suppose is a huge bonus, so I'm glad I went to Specsavers!!!



DPD are a total waste of space! I ordered some baby bottles for my baby who has bad colic on the Next day delivery service. I ordered them AFTER the snow had melted accross the UK and from a company 'down south' ( I live in Northumberland). On the same day I also upgraded my phone and was told it would arrive the next day with DPD. And so the tale begins......
My bottles and phone were both dispatched and I was given consignment numbers. They were shown as been collected from the sender. The next morning I checked the traacking expecting to see the out for delivery message.... but no. I rang customer services (took me 10 attempts at getting through) they said my parcels were on a trailer in Birmingham and would be there until Newcastle had room for them. All the 'adverse weather' excuses came out, but no apology! The rep said I would prob get them by the end of the week, (this was tues). I was raging! Left it until Thursday and still no change in the tracking so I rang up again.... another 10 attempts to get through. This time the guy on the phone had no idea where the parcels were, I got angry on the phone he put me on hold and then came back and told me his manager had said that they were now in Newcastle stuck on a trailer. Well, I thought, at least they were closer to me! I asked for the number for the Newcastle Depot and was told they don't give it out to customers! So I went on their website and got it anyway! (How stupid???!) Rang Newcastle and the lady confirmed it was in the Yard on a trailer but had no idea when it would get to me.
FRIDAY- Baby bottles say out for delivery, Parcel finally arrives at 515pm. Good stuff!
But.... no phone! It must be coming monday instead, okay I could deal with that!
MONDAY- 10am and not out for delivery message. Ring customer services and get fed up of hearing the call centre voices then being hung up on. Finally I speak to someone... where is my phone? Somewhere in the Newcastle depot apparently. At this point I saw red! I 'politely' explained that if my phone did not arrive today then I would call the police and tell them it had been stolen by DPD, then call Apple who would recoup the £550 for the phone plus delivery charges and anything else they wanted. Lady on the phone said it wasn't stolen just in the depot 'somewhere'. I repeated that if a manager didn't ring me back by lunch or it wasn't with me by 5pm I was going to the police whether they thought I could or not, she promised someone would phone me back ASAP.
Never got that phonecall but my phone did arrive 1 hour later in an unmarked van with one very annoyed driver!

My advice- either don't use this pathetic excuse for a company or... threaten the police and theft. Seems to me DPD are using adverse weather as an excuse to sit back and chill out a bit before christmas! When they've finished pilfering all our parcels for the nicest presents we might all get them eh? (or maybe not!)

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