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Tile Mountain

Brilliant, fast, invaluable service.

So useful to have a small sample tile prior to deciding which to choose.


Orange don't care about poor reception.

I must have rung Orange at least 20 times to try to get something done about poor reception in my area. Like others I have been through the take the battery out try altering your settings etc. all to no avail. It seems there is a booster box available but only for certain customers. If this box would enable me to use my phone in my house, why won't they let me have one? I have offered to pay for it but they just say I don't qualify! They are happy to take my monthly subscription even though I can't get reception and they don't care. They all promise to ring back or get a manager to ring back but n they don't bother. Why am I so gullible that I believe their promises when they are just trying to get rid of me.
It's not cheap to ring their call centre from a landline and that is what I have to do (as I get poor reception with my mobile!!!) There doesn't seem to be an email contact option. I'm really fed up with Orange and I have been a customer of theirs for at least 12 years. Having looked at their customer ratings I'm not surprised they have such an appalling score.
It's one day later now and I'm going to comment on my own comment!
Unbelievably Orange rang me this morning about my poor reception. Unfortunately they rang on my mobile which has poor reception when I'm at home so I didn't get the message until I left home. The guy said he would ring back later - nothing. I have always made sure that I left my landline number and asked them to use that if they want to contact me. They didn't. I wonder if the guy is going to solve my problem. I hope so because I just tried to do online banking and to complete the transaction the bank needs to send me an SMS message on my mobile: no banking possible for we people who live just a few miles from Oxford. It's as though we live out in the wilds of Scotland where maybe a lack of reception might be excusable but not here. Come on Orange look after your customers.

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