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You are GUARANTEED to lose weight but Water Intake is also VITAL.

I cannot believe how much BOOSSH has changed my life. I have started to finally see a bodyform that I previously had and lost in a short space of time a stone that took me 24 years to lose since having my firstborn. Life gets hectic at times and you can get off track but if you stick to their 4 meal 1 Snack ...Food Listed Evening Meal Plan you are sure to lose weight.
If Boossh advise you not to eat something or have a reduced intake its not because they want to deprive you, they know its because for you to get the weight loss you really desire you have to modify your dietary intake and gain discipline. A VLCD is not hard but I understand why clearance is also needed from your GP to do it as it can be draining on your body initially you just feel sluggish and then after a while you get all this new energy that you never had before. That's what happened to me anyway. I really do believe that it will be a part of my life long term now until my goal weight is reached. When that happens I hope will be before my 50th Birthday as because of me Boosshing I have found a new career path also and FINALLY got the confidence to pursue it. Boossh no matter what happens with my weight...and I will reach my Goal Weight...IT has changed my life for the better and I'll be forever grateful for that.

06 June 2013

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Hi Donna

Thank you for your Boossh review, we do appreciate it

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