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Poor after-sales service, caveat emptor

I bought a Citroen C3 from G5 Cars at Cleckheaton in November 2012, less than a year old, the price was very good, car was ex-lease and in very good condition. It was delivered for no extra charge, so far so good. When it was delivered there was ONLY ONE remote locking key fob, no spare wheel and the inflator pump and kit that should have been there instead of a spare wheel was missing plus one of the headlamp bulbs was blown and finally no handbook or paperwork of any kind inside the car.
You could say that I should have checked all those beforehand, but they are all items I would expect to be there, especially a car that's under 12 months old. When I phoned to ask I got a rude response and was told in no uncertain manner that I could not speak to anyone about these issues. My letter following up the phone call was ignored.
It cost £140 to get a second remote key fob, then there's the inflator kit and sorting out the headlamp and getting a handbook which really is necessary to sort out the details which I reckon added at least £275 to the overall cost.
Potential buyers should go over the cars in great detail and check everything BEFORE parting with any money and be extremely cautious of this dealer because once you have paid you get NOTHING in the way of service.
As a postscript, the car is fine and meets my expectations, it's the service and people at G5 Cars that are the disappointment so caveat emptor! you're buying AS IS.

Very good value

This was my second order for specs, I got two pairs, one pair for normal reading, the cheapest on the site (£6) and a really nice pair of frameless with super bendy sides in the sale (£20) intermediate focus for when I'm playing music. The sides on the cheap pair are a bit bendy, but excellent value. The other pair are so light and comfortable I don't know I have them on. I would give five stars except the post and packing is £6 which I think is a bit much.


Shopping at Aldi - a good experience

We shopped at Tesco for years, stacking up the points and spending lots. Then we found Aldi up the road and tried it, their special offer fruit and veg was the incentive, they we started picking up all our veg there and now we rarely visit Tesco. The selection of goods at Aldi is not as broad as the larger supermarkets, but the quality is good, prices unbeatable and the staff can really get things through the checkout at amazing speed.
Give it a try.


Great value and fast delivery

I've bought loads of stuff via Amazon and not been disappointed. Their website is really slick and has a good search facility. In the past I've bought academic books that the local shops said would take weeks to arrive yet amazon had they delivered in a few days.


Dreadful !

I used to commute between Cork and Manchester regularly, so I used bmibaby and Aer Lingus on a regular basis. The staff at bmibaby are surly and always looking for ways to change extra, they quit the MAN - ORK route suddenly without good reason. Their business model seems to be based on hooking the customer in then charging for every possible extra, if you have to use them get yourself a Visa Electron card so you can avoid their excessive credit card charges. They do not respond to customer complaints and make it extremely difficult to complain - they only accept complaints by letter. You can read more on

Lebara UK

Better than Virgin

I don't use my mobile much and was browsing somewhere when I came across a free Lebara SIM card, so I asked for it because their rates looked good. The costs are incredibly low and so far the service has worked without any problems. At 10p a minute anytime to other networks and 5p to landlines this is just what I need as a casual user.


Pixmania refuse to replace Macbook Pro that was dead on arrival but gave refund

I bought a Macbook Pro with GBP 200 off and 6% Quidco, it arrived quickly but was dead on arrival, no startup chime and a black screen. Pixmania arranged pickup the following day, my request was for an exchange. Instead of exchange Pixmania gave a refund. In the meantime they had increased their price by GBP 150. They say

"In reply to your email regarding your returned item, please note that we can no longer process replacement as your order had to be returned just for refund. Concerning the price of the item, please be informed that the price if items changes due to the manufacturer confirmation and not PIXmania. "

This is not true and I consider it fraud, I bought, paid for and received a Macbook Pro and am entitled to a replacement. I have lost GBP 150 because of the price increase and 6% Quidco. I asked for the name of a senior person to whom I could complain but this request was ignored. I suggest you do not buy anything from these people. If I had read the reviews I would not have had anything to do with this company.

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