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It just works

I've been using Top Cashback since November and have made just over £497 most of which has been paid and cleared into my bank. Some merchants take longer to clear than others, but it's easy to track what status your money is at. I've switched my broadband and got most of my Cashback from Expedia. Really happy and wish I had started on this sooner.


I would never use again

Everything started off well. I got my free post bag, sent away my phone, was received, I got my confirmation emails and then I was told I would be paid within 3 days (the Friday). Friday came and went without payment, nothing over the weekend, or Monday. I emailed on both Friday and Monday but heard noting which infuriated me.

I then left a review explaining the situation here which they responded to after I started threatening to speak with the police and Consumer Direct (at this point I believed they had stolen my phones). Tuesday they emailed me back, and after a few emails back and forth, as got a phone call from a very pleasant lady, who assured me that it was a mistake and that payment would be received by 9pm on that night (Tuesday). In addition to that she also offered to send me a free gift (iPad case) nice touch and reassured me that they are a real company, and I was happy with that, and I appreciated the call.

9pm came, no payment. I sent quite an aggressive email that evening, and was ready to speak with the police on Wednesday morning, and had I not have been driving to work when they called me, I would have done.

More apologies, another mistake, it doesn't look good on them they know that but payment is being sent now and I will receive it by around 10am but it can take up to 4 hours.

When I checked at 12.15 I have finally been paid.

I would have used this company again despite the issues until payment wasn't send the second time, but after that I will never use them again. It's not acceptable in my opinion to leave people hanging for payment they need and are entitled to. And while I understand errors get made, twice isn't ok.

I will accept a lower offer if I ever sell a phone again from another company. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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16 April 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Hi Sarah, thanks for your comments. Just to update you, the customer services team are looking into this for you. I'll update this reply when I've got some information for you.

Thanks again for using Bozowi.

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