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In one word...Disgusting!

Being on a contract with vodaphone I have experienced nothing but trouble with not being able to use my phone in the house even though my partner is on the same contract and his phone works fine. When my phone stopped charging and would not switch on they said they would repair it and return, when it was returned it was still broken and would not charge, again they said they would send another reconditioned one out and replace it. They then replaced It with a phone which had a cracked screen, this time they apologised and said they would send another reconditioned one out, It arrived and to add insult to injury it would not switch on or charge, By this point 3 weeks later, I was furious and my partner contacted them and said this was not acceptable so now they are going to replace it with a new phone. But It has not arrived today as they said it would, and I have waited in 5 days already for these useless phones. In total I have been without a phone for 4 weeks because of their incompetences, so If they mention the word reconditioned it means broken!!! Totally disgusted sums up my experience with vodaphone.

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