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Another online scam - AVOID!!!

Ordered on 26th March. Money taken from my account immediately. 4-6 days delivery reported and item "In Stock". As of 16th of April, still showing as "Awaiting Fulfillment", still haven't received the order and no estimate provided via e-mail or phone help line. Repeated excuses about classic "item on the way but delayed at the european warehouse". The item still shows as "In Stock" throughout the whole period, even though it clearly is NOT.

Customer service is non existent and completely useless messenger in India of whatever you can get from website anyway, e-mails are not answered, phone help line not providing any concrete answers or direct contacts to responsible persons or their superiors. 1hr waiting times or usually even cancelled calls ("we're experiencing high volume of calls"). Employees do not know basic UK distant selling laws.

Don't get fooled by significantly lower prices and reasonable delivery times. They can't provide, they can't deliver, they're totally unprofessional and should not be allowed to trade under such circumstances. Shocking to witness in the era of Amazon,, etc.

Reported to Trading Standards and Customer Service working groups. Appropriate bad reviews submitted. Order cancelled. Credit card transaction currently investigated by HSBC as a dispute.

Very much hope they'll cease trading - only way to protect potential customers.


EDIT 21/04/2013

After posting this review, calling "customer service" and sending e-mails to management on 16th of April to:
all was suddenly very prompt and easy. I have received a confirmation the same day, that my refund was processed in full earlier, followed by an e-mail the next day that it should be on my account within 1-3 days. And surprise surprise, 2 days after it really has arrived.

On the funny side - the same day I cancelled the order with WAE I've ordered the same item from Amazon. It arrived the next day (free delivery), 18 hours (!) after I've placed the order, even earlier than the refund confirmation e-mail from WAE. I have been informed continuously by e-mail and text about the status of the delivery, including the name of the van driver and time precise to within an hour. Yes, I'm Amazon Prime subscriber. And yes, veering off course to WAE was a stupid regrettable mistake. Never again!

Suggestions to WAE:
Either close the business or do it properly. That includes a call centre about 5 times the current size working 24/7(!!), good capacity warehouse in UK(!) working 24/7(!!), "in stock" status reflecting the ACTUAL status (!!!!), call centre with a direct phone and e-mail contact to their superiors and tracking status of internal delivery chain, payments AFTER dispatch (!!!) and....never mind. Flawed beyond belief, too long to list. Walk away before you get a lawsuit on your table from someone less patient.

Suggestions to potential customers:
Just ignore the marketing bluff and tempting pricing. They are amateurs and you'll be left alone without the money waiting for a miracle. Go pro - just choose any class 1 online retailer (Amazon, Play) and forget WAE. And forget Google Shopping search too...WAE knows too well how to use SAE to their advantage to manipulate results.

Suggestions to current and deceived customers:
Cancel order, ask for IMMEDIATE return, post bad reviews and contact your bank to dispute a payment to WAE. Eventually, they'll get the message and hopefully cease to exist.

You've been warned.

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