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Mr. Delight

Excellent Service, Great Prices!

I've had my first problem out of 5 orders so far. I've ordered a lot of things since I had a lot equipment stolen and am having to replace it without insurance!

I bought some inexpensive items to test and see if I'd get them or they were as advertised. That order went well. I ordered a set of the remote flash radio triggers made by Meike. I fried one by attaching it to an older flash unit. My fault, not the products. I ordered replacements and have been very happy. Every product ordered has arrived in good condition. It does take a little while to arrive. But hey, you're dealing with customs and international shipping which in my case includes the USPS.

My last order was missing the 'flagship' items of the order. I messaged and eventually called, but got a very fast response. I got a new shipping number within an hour for the package of the replacements for the items lost in shipment.

I read the complaints here and have to wonder what really went wrong. It's been very good service and great products in my case. I'll update as this is resolved. I expect the replacements in about 8-10 days, maybe a little longer because of the holidays.

It took a LOT longer for me to get back and update the post here! The online system only spits out the first package ID. The order had to be packaged in two pieces and so I thought the umbrellas weren't coming. They arrived the very next day!

(lighting in attached photo and the trigger of the units all due to Linkdelight.com!)

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I am a photographer, collector and IT professional in the US. I work contract IT so I am a photographer between those assignments.