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Simplygames, no crisis.

Xbox version of Crysis 3 was in stock, at the best price I could find and dispatched to me in one day.
Excellent service. Thank you.


WAE+ expect more DECEIT, for less SERVICE

These people accepted my payment immediately, for what they clearly advertised as an "in stock" item (my purchase 27th March) and then emailed me several days later (10th April) to say.....
" this item is no longer available due to issues" ....and in my case claim that I emailed them to query stock!! which I most certainly did not, why would I when the item was ordered when IN STOCK and my order designated as awaiting fulfilment.

Oddly enough the graphics card in question was simultaneously, and is still being advertised upon their website but for £183 rather than the £177 I purchased it for (google search RADEON HD 7870 XT, then google shopping tab and you will find WAE+ listed and the link will take you to the website page where it is still being avertised as in stock).

So I asked for a refund, the non supply of the ordered item being totally attributable to this companies inability to deliver upon the transaction, not me the customer.

This is where the sting kicks in, please read pasted email from them which I received today (please see below)
"Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email,
We are sorry you are not satisfied with your order, We will be more than happy to provide you with a full refund. The full refund will be processed and back into your account soon from when cancelled 11-04-2013 by at 10:35am. As per the trems and condition which we have of 30 days time frame.

We aim to resolve this as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Kind Regards
Accounts Team
So in effect I have provided this company with what I am sure will be a 30~40 day interest free loan, purely because as a customer I was tempted by the price of a supposedly IN STOCK item.

I regret that I did not research a little about this company and its business model before I purchased

(co-founder and operations director of WAE+ explains why he thinks his one-year-old, self-funded business will take £15 million in sales next year, after a dazzling growth trajectory in a popular and ‘under-served’ niche.)

I am equally bemused and disappointed that I have to award them even 1 star in order to write a review about my WAE+ expect MORE grief for couldn't care LESS service, experience.

Apparently I am now eligible for a £10 WAE+ store credit for writing a review of their disingenuous business. I don't think that I will take advantage of it somehow.

I only wish that I had never found this company on a price comparison search.

I can only recount my experience of them (WAE+) obviously. However, I can only hope that by taking the time to write this review, that prospective WAE+ customers will weigh up my experience (and that of other people I see on this review page, that have had similar dealings with WAE+) against "positively glowing" reviews that have been posted within hours of purchasing from their website (store credit incentive), without knowing what the outcome of their transaction will be???

Hopefully, some of you will then avoid involuntarily subscribing (when your IN STOCK order becomes unavailable several days after banking your payment, due to issues beyond your control) to providing this company with a 30+ day interest free loan.
Do yourselves a good service, learn from my mistake/experience and avoid any purchase or transaction with WAE+


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