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These people are hardcore theives

These people block payments for 30 days and try to earn money from the interest they get by keeping the money in their account in addition to the 4% commission that they charge on each transaction.
I worked for a customer for a month providing him with seo and web development services and after a month of back breaking hard work, when customer is satisfied and he wants to pay for the service that he has received, he asks me to send and invoice and he gladly pays as he is happy with the work. But now instead of being satisfied with the $40 that you are getting out of the $1000 that the customer has sent you want more. So you block the hard earned money that i was waiting for at the end of a long one month ordeal of providing services to my customer and making him happy. So that you can earn more interest out of it by keeping it with you for next 30 days. And when i contact you and tell you that we have already provided the service to the customer that he is paying for you give totally lame reasons like
" We are trying to safeguard the interest of the customer , the goods /items have not been delivered yet "
When the goods/services have already been delivered and then payment is made what is the point behind giving such excuses?

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