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Ginger6 Computers

Epic awesomness

I scouted the web for a while, considered ordering my own parts and found other "we build your PC for you" sites. While this wasn't even in my googling my brother recommended it to me. I dug around and decided that when the Oculus Rift is commercially ready I need a high end PC to help me enjoy it. I bought more than I'd hoped for :D

Boots in 4 seconds, LOVE windows 8 (never thought I'd say that), graphics are insane, haven't yet managed to max out the GPU frame rate; need to buy a more resource hungry game now, and is perfectly balanced with all hardware. System rating was even across the board.

Delivery was prompt. I even asked if could come on a certain day after ordering and they replied immediately. Good courier choice to.

My only complaint is I like looking inside a pc to and the first thing I did was take the side panel off to have a look, not realizing the warranty sticker was on the side :( so by just having a look I've now lost my warranty :( fingers crossed I have no problems in the next 3 years

Other than that brilliant. Get your site bumped up in the search engines.


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