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Fields Data Recovery UK

Fields Data Recovery saved my client from entering into a black hole !

One of my clients had a PC in their office that just wouldn't boot up. So when I had a look at it for them It was obvious that there was a problem with the hard drive. After trying many recovery programs and apps that I use, I had to report back to them that the drive was damaged and that recovery of their data looked unlikely. The client was flabbergasted as all of his current and past customers and clients details were on that drive. This information is essential for the running of his buisiness. Yes, and you guessed it, he had no backup. So after phoning around many of the data recovery companies available, I came across Fields Data Recovery.
Not only were they the most competitve, and there would be no fee if there was no data, but I kinda felt reasured when I spoke to them that there was a high percentage of recovering the data. So, I went back to my client with the price should they recover any data, and he was quite happy to go ahead (not that he had much choice). I sent the drive off as per Fields instructions.
I was notified at every part of the recovery process, from receiving the drive until the data was recovered. I was then sent a directory of the recovered data as well as a couple of samples.This looked good, the samples were perfect and the file listing was excellent. My client was then happy to pay the recovery fee and get his data sent up on discs. When they arrived, he was delighted, it was 100% succesfull, the cost was excellent, and the speed at which this was all done was superb (a matter of only a few days), and the communication with the company was outstanding.
If this ever happens again ther will be no need to shop around data recovery companies, I will go straight to Fields Data Recovery and would certainly recommend them to anyone.

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