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Revodrive from WAE+

This is more of a reveiw about the company than the product.
I have set up and been using my new revodrive for a couple of days now and have tested and benchmarked it. I performed as well if not better than expected based on other people's benchmarks, so can't fault it yet.
Reasons why WAE+ didn't get 5/5:
-Delivery time - Although I chose the cheapest delivery option, I had to wait nearly 3 weeks, which is a long time compared to other companies.
-Packaging - I have ordered a few expensive computer parts from WAE+ that have come in just a padded envelope.
WAE+ is a good company that usually offers cheaper prices than big rivals like amazon. I would happily buy from them again as I havn't had any issues so far. If they could improve on delivery time and packaging I would no reason to fault them.

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