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Glad I made the decision

It has been a year since my surgery and I still can't believe my eyes (pun intended!) My produce was straight forward, I was 18 at the time and had a prescription of 2.5 in my right and 2 in my left. Every meeting was extremely pleasant, I visited the Brighton Branch when it was open and everyone there was always extremely nice and I look forward to seeing them on my one year check up (I believe his name was Nick and her name was Natasha?)
I very rarely need to use my eye drops as I sometimes feel they get tired, I do struggle a little with the cinema and halos from the lights but it doesn't bother me after a short while. After my surgery my symptoms of pain only lasted that day and when I woke up the next day I had better than 20-20 vision. It took a little while for my right eye to catch up to the left but it eventually did.
Everyone was nice throughout my whole produce, the care was good although they did slack on ringing me and I had to ring them to remind them I had appointments. I am extremely happy with my vision and have no serious problems except dryness and halos very rarely. I remember when having the produce done how the surgeons were all really nice and kept talking to sidetrack me because of how nervous I was. The treatment was more expensive than I thought and their advertising was misleading with the £395 per eye rubbish. I am still grateful I had the surgery and would have it again if I went back.

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