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FHR Airport Services

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I have been using FHR for parking without any problems in the past, lets hope this continues for a long time. RECOMMENDED


No reply, out of date documents

I paid for my travel insurance and was given a link to out of date documents (2012 to 2013). I have asked for the correct dated documents but they do not respond. I hope that I never need to make a claim because I'm sure they will not reply and I would never have a claim settled. I guess that I will need to ask the Financial Ombudsman Service for assistance to resolve this problem. I wont be using them again, VERY POOR.

Thank you for the reply, I contacted you on your website, please look again. The document is still showing 2012 to 2013 and you can see that here and here is the actual link you provide
the link says it all (2012).
I would like a document that says 2013 to 2014 so that I know the goal posts wont be moved. I wonder if you have done this to everyone or just a select few? If you are unable to do this or resolve this satisfactorily I will ask the FOS to do it on my behalf, thanks again.

23 September 2013

Reply from

Dear Sir,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

On searching our database we have no record of receiving any emails from you in relation to the query you have outlined above.

If you refer to the bottom of your validation certificate you will notice that there is an extension endorsement. This outlines that the scheme has been extended until the 31.10.2013.

If you have any further queries on this or if you have difficulty locating the extension endorsement please contact me at

Kind Regards

Sorcha Geraghty


Fraudulent use of CANCELLED and EXPIRED cards

I found that both my Amex credit and charge card had been used this year, both for the same amount total almost £3000.00. The problem is both cards are old expired cards from 2 years ago. This is not the first time that somebody in Amex has pulled this scam with me, two years ago the same thing happened for a 5 figure sum, again on 2 different cards that had both expired long ago. Nobody from American Express will talk to me about this, they have all been told not to talk about it even in the executive office. The financial ombudsman service are involved and asked American Express to compensate me but they remain silent. I thought Amex were one of the best companies around, but now they are showing that they are nothing more than common criminals. Nobody can use expired cards, that is unless you work for Amex. They have refused to look at my account and tell me how many times they have done this, I wonder how much they have stolen from me over the many years I have trusted them. I will never have online statements from any company again. This has been a dreadful experience and is still dragging on.


Quality, price and points

If you are going to shop at Sainsburys, a Nectar card is a must. I am now filling my car with shopping and fuel using Nectar points I collected during the year. Its really nice to have them at this expensive time of year.


Best PAYG for me

I have tried some other networks but Voda not only works best for me but costs are acceptable for all uses including use abroad. My only gripe would be trying to top up on line can sometimes be a pain.


No customer serice

I ordered 2 items which were sent on 5 December, they never arrived. I have allowed extra time because of the weather and then sent many emails to Firebox but they have not replied to them. I have now asked for a refund but I guess that I will need to get that from my credit card company. I am sure they are a great company until things go wrong, then they do nothing. Be aware.

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I'm Gary, 50, retired. We all have problems when doing business, what I think is most important is how they deal with it and how quickly they resolve the problems. Dragging it out and hoping the problem will go away, what are they thinking!